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Senior Agile Consultant, Co-creator of Mob Programming

Practical Mob Programming

Woody and his team at Hunter Industries are the originators of Mob Programming, a "whole-team" approach to teamwork in software development, and co-author with Kevin Meadows of the book "Mob Programming, A Whole Team Approach". He frequently speaks on this topic at conferences, user groups, and meet-ups all over the world.  He has delivered workshops, training, and coaching sessions on Agile Software Development, Mob Programming, and Software Development Practices for a number of firms including Ericsson, Schneider Electric, Qualcomm, Intel, H & M, King Games, Capital One, Twitter, and Spotify. 


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Founder of Moves the Needle; NYT Bestselling Author

How to ignite entrepreneurial action and empower employees to create new value

Brant Cooper is the author of the New York Times bestseller "The Lean Entrepreneur” and CEO of Moves the Needle. With over two decades of expertise helping companies bring innovative products to market, he blends design thinking and lean methodology to ignite entrepreneurial action within large organizations. He has experienced monumental milestones such as IPO, acquisition, rapid growth, and crushing failure.

He serves as a keynote speaker, advisor to entrepreneurs, accelerators, and corporate leaders, and in his current venture, Moves The Needle, empowers organizations to be closer to customers,move faster, and act bolder.


Workshops for leaders
  • Agile and Lean Innovation Leadership Knowledge:

    • Overview of agile, design thinking and lean principles

    • How teams work, what leadership can do to support them.

  • Be Like a Startup VC:

    • Leaders learn how to hold teams accountable, ask the right questions, determine non-ROI based startup metrics, helping teams overcome obstacles.

  • Empathy * Experiment * Evidence Immersion:

    • Leaders run a live, case-based experiment loop to develop empathy for how their teams are working.

  • Innovation Communication Strategy:

    • Develop a strategy to communicate transformation to employees and the market.

  • Unknown vs Known Strategic Priorities:

    • Lens through which to expose expected outcomes vs uncertainty for strategic projects leadership has funded.

  • Team Development, Structure, Incentives:

    • Learning how to identify lean innovation talent, emerging leaders, motivate and incentivize teams.


One day lean innovation boot camp for innovation or product teams
  • Moves The Needle’s Sprints are 1-5 day intensive, experiential engagements teaching participants Lean Innovation methodologies while making impact on real business issues. 

  • Participants work in teams of 3-5 actively applying design thinking, rapid experimentation, and agile development to new and existing product or market endeavors.

  • Sprints can be applied anywhere in the business, from innovation teams to product launch teams to support functions like marketing, finance, IT and legal.

  • Wherever there’s uncertainty (including commercialization, globalization, etc.)


Brant is available to speak to and mentor startups for free.

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Author in Brain and Brand Science 

The Neuroscience of Personal Branding

Timothy Maurice Webster is the author of four bestselling books on human and brand behavior. His research focuses on the link between Brain Power and Brand Influence. His research, talks and media work explore the evolving trends in Neuroscience and how professionals and organizations should think about how the brain processes identity, brand power and human behavior. Timothy’s work is inspired by his studies in branding, design and neuroscience from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Sloan School of Management and Brookstone College. Timothy’s interest is in Leadership, Brand Influence and Gender Equality. He hopes to connect and engage with those who seek to expand their influence and drive greater impact



Allen Swiegers

Former COO, Deloitte Africa

Your Role as an Executive in an Organisation

Allen is a Chartered Accountant and joined Deloitte & Touché in 1984 and was admitted to the partnership in 1991. He became Partner-in-Charge of the Pretoria office in 2000. He was appointed to the Board of Deloitte in 2003 and to the Executive Committee in 2005 before his appointment as Chief Operating Officer of Deloitte Southern Africa in 2006.

After integration of the 15 Deloitte Firms in Africa he became Chief Operating Officer of Deloitte Africa, a position that he held for 10 years until his retirement in 2016.

He is currently the Chairman of the Board of Atterbury Property Investments, a major property developer in the Southern African region.




Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of 7CTOs 

First 100 Days:

Setting Yourself Up For Success As CTO.

The purpose of 7CTOs is to establish a tight knit group of tech leaders who are executing on the strategy of their companies, contributing to the growth of their peers and affecting change in their cities. Achieving these goals will be a fruit of increased accountability, commitment and transparency towards each other at a level that might be at odds with the more casual groups out there.


Annu Augustine

Founder at NedRock - Product Management and Lean Startup Consultant

Introduction to product discovery

Annu is an Electronics and Communication engineer and a certified Pragmatic Marketing (PMC) professional. Born in Tanzania she spent a significant part of her childhood in various African countries. She then went on to pursue her higher studies in India. 
Annu has above 20 years experience in the tech sector; she started her career as a software developer. She later transitioned to technology product management and has worked for a number of companies ranging from innovative startups to established corporates. 
In February 2016, she decided to follow her passion and founded NedRock - http://www.nedrock.com/, a product management training and consulting company. She is passionate about helping corporates, accelerators and entrepreneurs creating products that are feasible, valuable and usable. She trains and consults on Lean Startup, Customer Development and Agile methodologies. She also advises tech startups on growth strategies and lean analytics. 


Candice Herodotou

Delivery Lead

RMB The Foundery

Do company-wide hackathons pay off?

Candice is a former software developer who now works with people and teams helping them along their improvement journey. She is committed to creating and growing a space for communities of people who share her passion for learning, especially about software development. As such has been on the organising committee of South Africa’s largest developer user group (Developer User Group) since 2014, and a co-organiser of DevConf since the 2016 event.



Organisational Behaviour Specialist

Happiness for the millennials in your team

Kerstin is South Africa’s Positive Psychology activist and is passionate about creating happiness in the workplace. Her workshops, articles, talks and media
appearances guide leaders to understand what is needed to build well-being and happiness into organisations so that teams can perform at their optimal. Kerstin’s mission is to enable people to thrive while being happy at work. She is passionate about Positive Psychology and aspires to impart scientific tools and techniques that free people from negativity, shift their thinking, and enhance their behaviours towards their strengths. Holding a Master’s Degree in Positive Psychology from the University of East London, United Kingdom makes Kerstin an expert in the field of science of Happiness @ Work. As an ICF Global accredited PCC Coach, Kerstin specialises in assisting executives and leaders to lead with courage, confidence, and ethics; balancing the diverse scales of peak performance and productivity with happiness and well-being for both leaders and teams.




Chairman and founder

EPI-USE Systems 

groupelephant.com, A Road Well Travelled

Roelf's career spans 30 years as an academic in Computer Science, mostly as head of the Department of the Computer Science at the University of Pretoria, where he is still a member of the advisory board.
He was a founding member of EPI-USE; He has been involved with EPI-USE for the past 35 years, mostly as chairman. EPI-USE is part of groupelephant.com, an ICT group with registered companies in 30 countries and in excess of 2000 employees.


Karl Fuchs

Lean - Agile Transformation, Practice Lead and Coach

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Shallow agile - adopting practices without adopting the underlying thinking

Karl's mission is to help businesses and individuals to survive in an unpredictable and ever changing environment.



Stephanie Diepering

Occupational Therapist and Coach

Millennials and Team Happiness in the Workplace

Stephanie is an enthusiastic occupational therapist and coach with a passion for building peoples’ innate ability to reach their potential. With a background in Adult Education and Training, Yoga, Mindfulness and Mental Health advocacy, Stephanie has an avid interest in the field of Positive Psychology and has been perusing both practical and research-based education in the field for the past three years.


Stephanie believes that a healthy organisation starts with an investment in its people. Achieving our potential in the workplace is an ongoing process; however, there are some practical, simple and intuitive methods to help build individuals to become part of thriving teams, therefore creating successful and ethical organisations.




CEO at igocki

Hacking our moral code:

A framework for impactful tech decisions

Nishant and his team work as strategic advisors in creating custom software solutions coupled with business strategy. Their goal is to help customers overcome their problems. 

With extensive experience in solving problems in aviation/defense, non-profit organizations, healthcare and government industries, Nishant understands the unique challenges that people face with technology.



Business Coaching for Entrepreneurs in Tech 

Hacking your mindset for success

I am passionate about business and technology. I have spent 1000's of hours over the past few years educating myself on these subjects and now have a passion for teaching people what I have learnt through means of business coaching and as a seminar presenter

I volunteer my time presenting seminars, sharing my education and skills with anyone that wants to learn about entrepreneurship and technology.
I also coach entrepreneurs on how to run their business more effectively using ICF and DITAR as guidelines


Cara Turner

CEO at Project codeX

Tackling Wicked Problems:

Using Systems Thinking for Social Impact.

Cara is the CEO and Agile Coach at Project codeX, an agile-first software training programme that equips aspiring coders with high-quality skills and experience while bridging the digital divide.
As a coach, she helps teams adopt agile & lean practices that reduce risk and increase workplace happiness. As a change-maker she brings agility to education, exploring what it means to train developers with a collaborative, product-focused approach from the start.
She has an insatiable love of learning and cares deeply about sharing knowledge to build stronger communities and foster greater diversity in the software world.


Lorraine Steyn​

CEO at Khanyisa Real Systems

A Strategic approach to Legacy Code

Lorraine is one of the founders of KRS, a mid-sized software development company. She is the CEO, but also a self-described nerd who still loves to develop software.

Paul Janse Van Vuuren

CTO and Co-Founder of EasyEquities

From the Trenches:

Adopting Agile Across the Entire Organization

Paul has a love for all new technologies and enjoys making things simpler, more efficient and enjoyable. With the pace of innovation today it is best to keep up to speed with as many new technologies and trends as possible, never discounting any. Sometimes technology appears to be ahead of its time, and this is when Paul feels you should really pay attention!


Shantell Williams

VP Software Development

Easy Equities

From the Trenches:

Adopting Agile Across the Entire Organization

EasyEquities has been a catalyst in the Purple Groups executive embracing the idea that an Agile organization is the only way to achieve exponential growth. Shantell will be talking through their journey thus far, discussing the decisions the management and the team have taken, their expectations and experiences.


Sonja Blignaut

Founder & CEO

More Beyond

Enabling adaptive organisations

Sonja plays the role of thinking partner to leaders and teams who need to make sense of complex or adaptive challenges. She applies ideas from complexity science to enable strategic agility, innovation and resilent, future-fit organisations. 


Maritza van den Heuvel ​

Senior Manager - Product Development and Innovation

Every good CTO needs a good Chief Product Officer

Maritza heads up Business Development in Cape Town for Cognician, a digital self-coaching startup that is rising rapidly globally. She has over 15 years experience in digital product development, innovation and digital strategy and has held Concept to Commercial accountability for roughly a dozen different products.


She didn't start out in software, though. After completing her B.A. (Hons) in Linguistics, she spent six years in academic research working on machine translation and voice recognition systems. She eventually left academia for the software industry where she cut her teeth on Agile and Scrum as a Scrum Master and Product Owner, helping teams to evolve from Waterfall to Scrum. Along the way, she discovered two key passions: One for creating products that actual human beings want to use (and buy!) and the other for Lean Systems Thinking - which comes down to building just the right thing, at the right time, for the right people.


At heart, Maritza is a writer. She is the lead author of Beyond Agile – Tales of Continuous Improvement, a collection of real-world case studies of Lean/Agile teams engaged in continuous improvement. 

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